Cologne –A Tribute To The Medieval Splendors

Located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne is one of the largest cities in Germany. The historic city was originally established in the 1st century AD as an Ubii territory. The place houses many tourist attractions like old cathedrals, medieval buildings, ancient ruins, cultural monuments, and art museums.  Our week long stay with Fran in the city was quite relaxing, and we had been to several tourist attractions. Some of the places that occupied the major part of our holiday are described below:

  • Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is undoubtedly the most popular religious monument in Germany. The historic church was constructed over a period of 632 years and was ceremoniously inaugurated in 14th August 1880.  The twin spires of the church tower are 157 meters tall. The architectural excellence of the cathedral further adds to the Glory of this medieval monument.  Some of the best attractions of the site are the Shrine of the 3 Kings, the St. Christopher Statue, the bell tower, and Anbetungs-Fenster.

  • Museum Ludwig

Museum Ludwig is known for its display of modern artworks. Artists from different corners of the world visit the place to enjoy the rare collection of paintings exhibited out here. It is perhaps the most visited art museum in Cologne. The main attraction of the place is the vast collection of Picasso paintings. Also, you can see some of the most priced paintings that belong to the early 20th century.

  • Cologne Zoological Garden

Located on Riehler Street, Cologne Zoological Garden is a popular tourist destination in the city. It is one of the largest zoos that houses over 7000 animals. The zoo is built over a 49-acre land and also comprises an aquarium. The place is known for its expansive Asian Elephant Park, a Rainforest hall, Great Ape section, and Dolphinarium. We had an exciting time touring the entire place that took us almost the whole day.