Edmonton: Experience the Natural Beauty of the City

The natural beauty and cultural attractions attracted me to this city. You will find the largest historical museum, largest mall, and the largest historical park in this city. However, this is not all. There are various other things that you can check out when you are in Edmonton. In case you are planning a visit anytime soon, here are few places you can look out for.

Drop in at the Mall

Covering an area of 490,000 square, the West Edmonton Mall has 800 stores. Believe it or not, it is the largest mall that you will find in North America. The mall has a yearly footfall of 32 million people. What’s more surprising is that it is home to miniature golf courses, a water theme park, and 4 movie theaters. This is not all. There is also the ice-skating rink to be explored.

Stroll Around the Park

The River Valley Park of Edmonton is nothing less than great. What amazed me was that there are 20 different parks inside this park. This served as the perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. There are 11 lakes, 22 ravines, nature centers, and golf courses.

Check Out Ukraine

There are a significant number of people from Ukraine who settled down here in around 1899. Visit the Cultural Heritage Village that displays the life of these people. It is an open-air museum. I came to know about the life of the people who settled here from 1899-1930. You will find the workers here are decked up in traditional costumes. Moreover, they indulge in activities which had been a part of his everyday life. I saw gardens being tended to. This had been a unique experience for me. It was surely worth a visit.