Tokyo: Come Experience The Greatest City In The World

Tokyo, spread over an area of 2188 kmis the capital metropolis of the country Japan. 8

Tokyo, which is very commonly known place for being on the bucket list in spite of its high daily expense as the vibrant and colorful city provides almost everything to everything and for almost all the ages. It has stuff to do for all the people, whether kids or elderly.

This place is majorly connected through the well diverse rain service that allows a network of more than the thousand stations in total.

The different places that could be visited in Tokyo are

  • Akasaka
  • Akihabara
  • Ameyayokocho
  • Aoyama
  • Asakusa
  • Daikanyama
  • Fukagawa Along With
  • Ginza
  • Goldenagai
  • Harajuku
  • Ikebukuro
  • Imperial Palace, Kichijoji
  • Jinbocho
  • Kagurazaka
  • Inokashira Park
  • Museums Like The Ghibli
  • Kinshicho, Koenji, Marunouchi, Mt Takao

The food items that must be tried in Japan while staying in Tokyo are

  • Sushi
  • Ramen
  • Tempura
  • Sukiyaki
  • Sashimi
  • Soba
  • Udon
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Chanko Nabe
  • Miso Soup
  • Unagi

The places that we visited while experiencing the thrill and peace are the Tokyo Imperial Palace, Kitanomaru Park Walk along with spending time in the Shibuya and Minato at night.

While using the train system in the city of Tokyo we advice you know about one of the major and most important loop lines called the Yamanote line and is connected to numerous centers in the city.

While travelling In Tokyo, it is always advised to the travelers to purchase a prepaid IC Card through which you can move about anywhere in Greater Tokyo with a simple card reader that needs to be shown the card and swiped off.

The hotels which are accommodating are very wide spread around Tokyo and includes

  • Capitol Hotel
  • Century Southern Tower
  • Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi
  • Hotel Sunroute Plaza, Shinjuku
  • Keio Plaza, Ritz Carlton and the Convenient Shangri La Hotel