Vatican City – A Sacred Holiday Destination

Vatican City is a small city in Italy which is known for being a part of Rome. The place enjoys the status of an independent sovereign state owing to its religious importance. Governed by the Pope, the city is one of the biggest Catholic pilgrimage centers. The small city spans over an area of 110 acres and is definitely one of the best tourist destinations in Italy. The place is home to some of the most popular cathedrals and artistic masterpieces in the world. Our stay in this beautiful city was an otherworldly experience. Mentioned below are some of the top attractions to enjoy in the Vatican City.


  • Sistine Chapel


Millions of tourists visit Vatican City to see this famed chapel that houses Michelangelo’s fresco, “The Last Judgement”. The fresco occupies 10,000 square feet and covers a large part of the wall and the ceiling. The entire chapel is quite majestic and there are lots of other classic paintings to see. There is a courtyard inside where you can find instructions regarding the display of paintings.


  • Vatican Museums


Vatican Museums are a group of museums in the Vatican City dedicated to art and Christianity. These museums preserve a vast collection of popular Roman sculptures and renowned Renaissance artworks procured from different parts of the world. These museums were founded in the 16th century by Pope Julius II. Pinacoteca Vaticana, Museo Pio-Clementino, Museo Chiaramonti, Museo Gregoriano Etrusco, and Vatican Historical Museum are some of the popular museums in this place that are known for their collection of sculptors, paintings, and altarpieces.


  • St. Peter’s Basilica


Popularly known as ‘the Basilica Papale di San Pietro’, the Italian church is the greatest example of Renaissance Architecture. The construction of the church was started in 1506 and it was completed in November 1626. The Chief architects behind the historic structure were Donato Bramante, Michelangelo, Antonio da Sangallo, and few others. The interiors are magnificent and there are many chapels. From the dome of the church, you can calmly enjoy the view of the entire city of Rome.